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The best technology works

only if the courier company works.


Before all of this unbelievable technology came to us, a courier company had to provide to its customers: professional drivers, knowledgeable customer service, as well as swift and reliably  consistent pickups and deliveries.  So nothing really has changed.


Technology is only an enhancement to a courier company, already doing all the right things for its customers.  It will not make a substandard company better.  So be wary of the sales people that promote the value of its technology, while placing little to no emphasis on what really gets the job done - its people.



The use of technology has an enormous potential value. While technology can be very expensive, when integrated and maintained properly, its overall value translates to tremendous cost savings for our customers and enhanced service.


Some of the technology we have already implemented include:


Company provided two-way instant communications.

(Drivers carry an additional cell phone as a backup)


Real-time GPS location tracking services.


On-the fly GPS navigation.  Addresses and routing

are sent directly to drivers electronically


Electronic two-way computerized dispatch.


Computerized route optimization.


Outstanding web access that has been developed and is maintained in-house.

(Super-fast, easy-to-use interface that must be tried to be believed)


Requiring the use of EZPass to insure deliveries are not hampered by toll booths.


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