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Extreme Rush - Our Forte!


Other companies offer "rush service".  They will charge you more for this.  You place the order and wait.  But for how long?  Typically our competitors range between 60-90 minutes for a pickup, while we are typically around 30 minutes*.


There are very important reasons for this.


Premier Express handles every expedited delivery as an urgent rush.  Unless otherwise told, drivers expect the job to be a "rush".  In fact 80% of our work is referred to by the industry as "rush work".


Premier Express started operations in 1997 as a rush courier company.  We have built a distinguished reputation regarding this type of business.  We have since expanded operations to include scheduled services and distribution.  With other couriers, it's usually the other way around. 


Drivers from other companies are used to scheduled, structured work, and are paid by the hour.  A completely different mindset that is not well-suited for companies that require time sensitive or rush deliveries.


Another explanation for our quick response and delivery times is that we avoid the practice of piggybacking.  Piggybacking your shipments with those of other customers is a common practice with other couriers. It improves their profitability but adversely affects service to you.


* 30 minutes typical during normal business hours.  Allow additional time on nights and weekends as fewer drivers are available, and for larger vehicles.  Inclement weather may affect our response time.











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